What are the links in my left side menu and upper right menu?

When you log into iLab, your left side menu and upper right menu will display many helpful links to help you navigate through the system. These menus will allow you to quickly view invoices, cores, labs, and requests, and offer quick access to your profile and administration. They will remain visible no matter where you are in iLab.

Figure 1: There are many links accessible on your homepage.

Figure 1.1 home

The home button on the top left side of the page (Figure 1.1) will take you to your homepage and homepage panels. 

  • Communications:  View emails sent through the iLab system. If your lab also utilizes the iLab Requisitioning system, you will see menu options on the left side of the page for requisitioning.

Figure 1.2 core facilities

Under core facilities (Figure 1.2) you may see: 

  • my reservations: View past and future reservations you have with cores. 
  • view requests: View requests of services or projects that you have submitted to cores.
  • list all cores: View a list of cores that you can access.

Figure 1.3 manage groups

Under manage groups (Figure 1.3), you will see:

  • my labs: View details about your lab and lab members. If you are a Principal Investigator or Lab Manager please review PI + Financial Admin Training for more details about managing your lab in iLab.
  • people search: Search for members using this search engine.

Figure 1.4 

  • system updates: Provides links for you to view recent updates.
  • leave iLab feedback: Contact iLab support.
  • my profile: Manage your account. You may update your name, log-in information, password, and manage how you want to receive system-generated messages.
  • support: Manage your support tickets.

If you contact us through leave iLab feedback, you will be sending a message to the iLab support team so you will receive the most comprehensive support. This will also enable you to track your support tickets. You can view the support tickets you have sent by clicking on support. 

Figure 1.5 Search cores and services

If you are only a user of cores, you can use this search bar to find services and resources list in iLab for your institution. If you also use our lab materials requisitioning system, you can search for core facility services and for products.



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